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Speech Pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including:

  • Difficulties with speaking,

  • Listening,

  • Understanding language,

  • Reading,

  • Writing,

  • Social skills,

  • Stuttering and using voice

  • Difficulty communicating because of developmental delays,

  • Stroke,

  • Brain injuries,

  • Learning disability,

  • Intellectual disability,

  • Cerebral palsy,

  • Dementia and hearing loss,

  • Problems that can affect speech and language

  • Difficulties swallowing food and drink safely

Some of the medical conditions that our Speech
Pathologist have a keen interest in include but not
limited to;


  • Dementia and hearing loss,

  • Difficulties swallowing food and drink safely 

  • Autism,

  • Hearing impairment,

  • Cleft palate,

  • Cancer,

  • Voice disorder,

  • Tracheotomy,

  • developmental delay,

  • Geriatric care,

  • Paediatrics,

  • Mental health,

  • Rehabilitation,

  • Acute care and physical or intellectual disabilities.

Here at cross care we care about your Speech. 

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